Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL Questions

Stockton Urban Revitalization Fellowship is a paid leadership development program that provides the next generation of Stocktonians with the tools, knowledge and network to make an impact in the city. Fellows study the history of the city,  investigate important contemporary issues affecting the community and become leaders in the city’s social impact landscape.

The inaugural class was held June 25-August 10, 2018 with seven participants.

The second class will run from June 26-August 16, 2019. Applications are now closed.

Who created surf?

SURF was founded by a group of educators, allies and activists working in education and government: 

  • Lange Luntao

  • Jasmine Leek

  • Dr. Nancy Huante

  • Nicholas Sanchez

  • Annamarie Prima Cunningham

  • Joanne Yi

  • Erika Cuevas

  • Phillip Merlo

  • Irene Calimlim


Who should apply?

Stocktonians who want to develop their leadership and help improve the community are strongly encouraged to apply.  The ideal candidate is someone who has exhibited leadership abilities but is looking for opportunities and support for applying their abilities to grow professionally. Candidates should value lifelong learning, community-building and strong personal ethics.


Graduate Track: The 2019 SURF Graduate cohort will be comprised of people who have grown up in Stockton, are at least 18 years of age, and have graduated college at the start of the fellowship.

College Track: The 2019 SURF College cohort will be comprised of people who have grown up in Stockton, are at least 18 years of age, and are currently enrolled in college at the start of the fellowship.


The application deadline for 2019 is currently closed.

For Placements

hosting a fellow

SURF is currently seeking businesses, non-profits and government agencies to host a fellow during the summer and work on a project that has local impact. SURF provides professional development and skill-building workshops to the Fellow throughout the placement. A liaison can help structure a project with your agency and answer questions and concerns that you may have about the process.





Fellows are matched with a Stockton business, non-profit or government agency currently committed to solving or working on a local issue. Fellows receive meaningful work experience, build their professional network and gain insight into the roles of policy, community organizing and commerce in the process of community development.     


Educational development

Fellows attend weekly seminars, panel discussions and field trips to learn about the history of the city,  important contemporary issues and the city’s governmental, social and cultural landscape.  Fellows participate in discussions with public servants, nonprofit executives, civil service leaders, educators, scholars, local historians, entrepreneurs and business leaders regarding the trajectory of the city. Fellows also receive training in ethics with respect to governance and commerce.   


Social fellowship

SURF aims to foster a community of collaborative leadership. With this in mind, program managers host community development activities on a weekly basis. Fellows participate in team-building activities, group dinners and self-disclosure activities. Furthermore, Fellows attend planned excursions to nearby locations and attend community mixers or social events with local leaders.



The fellowship culminates with an evidence-based capstone project led by the Fellows for the betterment of the city. Participants are provided with training in data-based research and synthesis, with projects being presented in a community forum at the end of the fellowship. All partners and interested parties will be invited.

Still have questions?

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