Third City Podcast

A show about America’s Third Cities and the people who build them. 

Third Cities are overlooked, under valued, and ripe with opportunity for community-driven, sustainable urban development. This podcast is about the concepts and people who make change possible in these cities, and sharing the ideas and resources that can benefit all of America's third cities.


Episode 1 - What is Third City?

In the first episode of the Third City Podcast we're talking to the community that founded the Third City Coalition in Stockton, California. What is a Third City and why should you care about the urban development happening within them right now?

Episode 2 - Building Together

Episode two of the Third City Podcast seeks to uncover challenges faced by Third Cities when trying to build consensus among a diverse group of stakeholders. From the recent Stockton Bicycle Master Plan Update to interactions between youth and law enforcement in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore to electing the next generation of leaders, we’re sharing stories that will bring greater understanding to the complex issues faced when we try to build together.

Small Bite: Preview of WE WERE HERE

We're announcing our new oral history project, WE WERE HERE, with a piece of our conversation with Dillon Delvo, co-founder of the Little Manilla Foundation and Youth Minister at St. George’s Church. We talked to him about forgotten histories, and how reframing the narrative about his community helped him to understand the context of his own life.

Behind the Scenes