Our Story


It all started when…

In September 2015, the City of Stockton lost a great visionary, Tim Egkan. A San Diego native, Tim moved to Stockton in 2013 and led the "paradigm shift" of Downtown Stockton's revitalization efforts. In an audio interview that occurred shortly before his untimely passing, he shared a piece of his vision with our media director, Sara Washington. 

"I'm hoping to see a complete transformation of the neighborhood and community in the truest sense of the word 'transformation'. I want to see an all hours, happenin' place that showcases the city's and region's talents, assets, creativity, and commerce."

When Sara asked Tim what resources we have and what we still need to do to attract more like-minded people who are willing to build up Stockton, he said, "The affordability to either rent or purchase property whether residential or commercial is a huge benefit in Downtown Stockton. The tremendous character we have in our architecture, the waterfront, and the overall raw sense of this downtown that we have are huge benefits, are huge draws, to people and as an area such as the San Francisco Bay Area becomes increasingly expensive and, really, unattainable for many people, they are looking at areas like Downtown Stockton...They're looking to Downtown Stockton as a place in Northern California that has a true downtown feel that has a real urban feel and they are looking here as a viable place to locate their business, their creative endeavor, and to live. In addition to locals here being very supportive and receptive to a downtown revitalization, other people are looking over at us and saying, 'Could we fit in here? Could we make something happen here? Is that our future home?' We need to create more things here such as arts and entertainment, nightlife, locally operated businesses, to draw more people in but we have a really solid population here that wants to see this happen that I believe will truly be driving the change. But we will definitely need to welcome in outsiders and what they bring, their perspectives and investments."

Tim had an incredible gift for getting to know the people of the community of Stockton, analyzing individual strengths and potential, and then uniting a group of people to affect change. At Third City Coalition, we work each day to honor the work done by Tim and continue moving forward to bring a diverse working group together and create an improved Stockton.